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At Northfield Dental Clinic, experience dental care with a difference. We pride ourselves on providing expert-level treatment for affordable prices, ensuring our patients are cared for.

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All new dental patients will have an introductory dental examination to understand more about how we can help you and get your dental health back on track. We believe in educating our patients and helping them every step of the way to care for their dental hygiene. With a wide range of dental services available at our clinic, our expert team will guide you through the options and help you feel empowered in the decision you make.

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Has it been a long time since your last dentist visit?

We understand life gets in the way. However, your dental health shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you want to avoid a trip to the emergency dentist. Regular checkups are the way forward to stay on top of your oral health.


As part of your initial consultation with us, your dentist will:

  • Check for cavities and signs of gum disease
  • Examine the hard and soft tissue in your mouth and jaw
  • Take x-rays of your teeth and jaw using specialist equipment
  • Offer a free cancer screening
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Why choose us?

  • Award-winning dentist in London.
  • Over 20 years of dentistry experience.
  • A dedicated team of dental professionals, providing top-quality treatment and care.
  • Availablity for referral patients across London.
  • We’re passionate about educating the importance of dental care.
  • Our vast collection of specialist dental services.

Scared or worried about visiting the dentist?

We understand many of our patients fear the dentist or are worried about what will happen. However, with our experienced team on board, we’re used to caring for and treating nervous patients. Our specialty-trained staff will put you at ease, talking you through every step in your treatment to help you feel in control and calm.

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