Composite bonding in Stamford Hill, London

What is a composite bonding treatment?

Dental bonding is usually performed for your front teeth to erase minor to moderate aesthetic concerns. This includes the following:

  • Small fractures
  • Chips
  • Cavities
  • Rough areas
  • Discolourations
  • Sharp edges and points
  • Exposed root surfaces


This treatment is designed for teeth which do not require extensive work. Bonding preserves the majority of a tooth’s structure because little if any, preparation is needed. A simple resin-based compound is blended to match your natural teeth and is artfully smoothed and cured into place over the tooth.

Composite Bonding by Dr. Mario Correia

Dr. Correia will discuss with you the three most important elements in enhancing your smile:

  • The color of your teeth
  • The shape of your teeth
  • The alignment of your teeth


Dr Correia will discuss with you the three important elements in enhancing your smile:

  • The colour of your teeth.
  • The shape of your teeth.
  • The alignment of your teeth.

Then, the dentist will explain the best options for your teeth. If bonding is not sufficient for restoring your smile to its very best, Dr Correia will discuss other procedures to help you. All of this will be discussed with you during your private consultation before you decide on your personalized treatment plan.

When a plan is finalised, treatment can take place. Dr Correia will prepare a simple resin putty to match the colour and translucency of your teeth – and start the procedure. Local anaesthetic isn’t necessary in this case.

Your tooth or teeth will be roughened and conditioned with a special liquid. The putty is placed on the tooth, and then, Dr Correia will artistically shape it to correct the defects. After, the material hardens into place with a bright light. Once set, the material is polished to match the texture of your tooth and blend in with your smile. This procedure only needs one visit.

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