Specialist endodontist in Stamford Hill, London

Welcome to the Specialist Endodontic (root canal treatment) referral service provided at Northfield Dental Clinic. 

Thank you for entrusting us with the endodontic care for your patients. Our aim is to provide your patient with the best possible treatment in a timely manner, especially if they require urgent treatment. We are dedicated to providing quality root canal treatment in a calm, friendly and comfortable environment. We strive to ensure our clinic provides all the comforts and latest technologies that you and your patients have a right to expect.

Led by an experienced Endodontic Specialist, Rahul Bose, all treatment is performed using a surgical microscope, incorporating the latest techniques, quality materials and technological advancements in Endodontics, to achieve an accurate diagnosis and optimum treatment outcomes for the patient.

Rahul Bose

Specialist Endodontist

BDS, MFDS RCS(Ed), MClinDent, MEndo RCS(Ed)

Our Endodontic Service

Rahul is a Specialist Endodontist and provides an endodontic referral service.

He carries out all aspects of root canal treatment (Endodontic treatment) to save natural teeth. He enjoys a close working relationship with referring dentists. For patients with multiple dental problems (complex cases), he also works alongside other experienced specialists in a multi-disciplinary environment.

For further information about Rahul click here.

Rahul’s expertise includes pain diagnosis, treatment of nervous patients (including children), management, and support in the following:

  • Non-surgical Root canal (re)-treatment
  • Post and core fabrication
  • Endodontic microsurgery
  • Diagnosis and management of root resorption
  • (Non)-surgical perforation repair
  • Management of open apices and teeth with complex canal anatomy
  • Assessment of teeth for restorability
  • Management of dento-alveolar trauma
  • Fractured instrument management
  • Management of discolored teeth / Internal tooth bleaching
  • Investigation of non-odontogenic facial pain


Fee Guide

  • Consultation £ 90
  • 3D CBCT scan including a radiologist report for imaging £ 170

Root canal treatment (including composite core)

  • Incisor/ canine £790
  • Premolar £890
  • Molar £990

Root canal retreatment (including composite core)

  • Incisor/canine £910
  • Premolar £1010
  • Molar £1110
  • Endodontic microsurgery from £1200
  • Restorability assessment £300
  • Internal bleaching £350


We design bespoke treatment plans for each patient. All fees will be confirmed before the commencement of treatment. 

In more complex cases, the root canal treatment fee may be higher, for example, if treatment involves placement of a post, removal of fractured instruments, or repairing an existing perforation. A quote will be given following the consultation appointment.

To further discuss any costs please contact us or book in to see our Specialist.

We have an easy and quick referral process. A referral can be made by using the form on this page. Alternatively, you can send a referral letter / form to the practice or contact the practice directly by telephone on 0208 8006060 – which ever suits you best. Any radiographs can be sent to admin@nfdental.co.uk.

If the patient has only been referred for an assessment and advice, a letter will be sent back to the referring dentist as soon as possible.
Following completion of root canal treatment, the teeth are typically restored with a composite core.
The patient will always be discharged back to you for their overall care along with any recommendation for further treatment, if appropriate. 

Rahul is always available to discuss a case at any stage of the referral process. He is also happy to discuss a case prior to a referral.

If you ever have any questions or wish to discuss a case, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@nfdental.co.uk.

Everyone at Northfield Dental Clinic takes great pride in their respective roles. We always value your input and feedback as it helps us improve our service. 

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