Private vs NHS Invisible Braces Treatment in London: A Detailed Comparison


In the quest for a perfect smile, invisible braces, also known as clear aligners, have become popular. In London, patients are often faced with the decision between Private and NHS treatments. This choice becomes even more crucial when it involves intricate dental treatments like invisible braces.

Northfield Dental Clinic in Stamford Hill, London, stands at the forefront of offering expert clear aligner treatment. Let’s delve into why this decision is critical and what factors you should consider.

Expertise and Certification in Invisible Braces Treatment:

Invisible braces require a high level of precision and expertise. Private clinics generally have dental professionals who are not only certified but also have specialised training in orthodontics. This training ensures that your treatment plan is tailored to your dental needs. At Northfield Dental Clinic, our expertise guarantees that your journey towards a perfect smile is smooth and efficient.

Why Invisible Braces?

Clear aligners are designed for those who seek an aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. They are virtually invisible, comfortable to wear, and can be removed for eating, drinking, and cleaning. However, not everyone is a candidate for invisible braces. They are typically used to treat dental issues like:

  • Mild to moderate misalignment
  • Overbites, underbites, and crossbites
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth

Private vs NHS Braces Treatment:

The choice between Private and NHS treatments for invisible braces often boils down to availability, customisation, and speed of treatment. NHS treatments are usually available for under-18s with a clear health need, and the options for cosmetic adjustments are limited. Private treatment offers a broader range of options, including the latest clear aligner technology, and is available to all age groups.

Dr. Mario qualified as a dentist from Goa University in 2001 with a first rank in his year group and was awarded the best graduate gold medal. He then relocated to London and has since undergone extensive training in prosthodontics and provides general dental care for a broad patient base and is skilled in the replacement of missing teeth, the restoration of natural teeth and in complicated and simple restorations of the whole mouth

Why Choose Northfield Dental Clinic in Stamford Hill for your Braces Treatment in London?

Conveniently located in Stamford Hill, Northfield Dental Clinic is not just a clinic; it’s a hub of excellence. Our commitment to using state-of-the-art equipment and our team’s vast experience makes us the best choice for your dental treatments. Moreover, our approach prioritizes patient comfort, ensuring your visit is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Harley Street Care without the Hype

While Harley Street is synonymous with the pinnacle of medical and dental care in the UK, at Northfield Dental Clinic, we provide that esteemed level of care minus the fanfare, ensuring you get world-class treatment without the premium tag.

Remember, your teeth are invaluable. Entrust them to a clinic that understands their worth. Choose expertise. Choose technology. Choose Northfield Dental Clinic.


Choosing private and NHS can significantly impact your experience and results regarding invisible brace treatment in London. Northfield Dental Clinic provides top-tier private orthodontic care, ensuring that your journey to a perfect smile is as smooth and effective as possible. Contact us in Stamford Hill to start your personalized treatment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do private invisible braces cost in London?

The cost can vary based on individual treatment plans. At Northfield Dental Clinic, we offer transparent pricing tailored to your specific needs.

Is there a difference in the quality of treatment between private and NHS?

Private treatments offer more advanced technology and a wider range of treatment options.

Are invisible braces more expensive than traditional braces?

While invisible braces can be more expensive, their aesthetic and practical benefits often outweigh the cost difference.

Do private clinics offer payment plans for invisible braces?

Many private clinics, including Northfield Dental Clinic, offer flexible payment plans to make treatment more affordable.

How long does the treatment with invisible braces take?

The duration varies, but private treatments often have shorter waiting times and quicker start times than NHS options.

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