Dr Angela Northfield

BDS (London 2009) MJDF (RCS Eng 2010)

My name is Angela Northfield and I have worked in the dental field for over 20 years. I started out as a schoolleaver and became a full-time dental nurse. I immediately loved working in dentistry and found the job fascinating but one thing soon became very apparent; how much most people fear the dental chair! I worked at a busy family practice which was one of the few in the area to offer sedation and I soon got to witness how effective this method was for the nervous or worried patient.


My ambition to study led me to qualify as a dentist in 2009 and then I was able to offer sedation to patients. I found that so many people wanted sedation that I was soon sought out as the ‘dentist for nervous patients’. I am now in the unique position to offer sedation to patients with their own dentist and to help alleviate fears and worries for any dental procedure. Over the years, I have treated hundreds of patients using sedation; it makes you calm and relaxed but best of all many patients report the next day that they have no recollection of the procedure.

The thought of having a procedure such as an extraction or implant may seem quite daunting.  It is a relatively straightforward treatment, but many people do opt to have sedation to make the time pass more swiftly.