Dental filling in Stamford Hill, London

What is a dental filling treatment?

Dental fillings are designed to remove the decay in your tooth and fill it in to restore the tooth.

At our practice, we’re advocates for using white filings – and our team of professionals can match your teeth precisely to the right shade. We use the most effective and modern tooth-coloured materials. The fillings have a natural appearance, blend in with the rest of your teeth – and achieve a smile you can be proud of.

What are the benefits of fillings done by us?

  • Excellent results.
  • Highly-skilled, professional team of dentists.
  • White fillings at an affordable price.
  • A guaranteed smile you can be proud of.


What does a dental filling involve?

  • Initially, the dentist numbs the tooth and its surrounding area with a local anesthetic – and drills the decayed material from the tooth.
  • Once the decay is removed, the tooth is filled with tooth-colored fillings, and it’s shaped to look as realistic as possible.
  • It’s as simple as that – and you’ll leave with a confident smile.


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